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Krystal Marie

Founder of Seeking Dakini

In life there is no left or right, I am presence, not here to disrupt merely enlighten the labyrinth, balancing both the dark and light, for those seeking alignment to their divine expression, our unique and immortal true identity.  


Tantric Yoga Priestess

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

YogaBody (Trapeze Yoga) Instructor

Cosmic Kid’s Yoga Teacher


My Craft

Professional Development

Yoga Trapeze, YogaBody

August 2021 - Current

Yoga Trapeze tend to be results-oriented. For students with back pain, poor flexibility, weak core muscles, and little to no grip strength, which are all very common issues. Certified in the YOGABODY method offers a way for my students to experience remarkable transformation. Providing a fun and fresh way to introduce people to yoga. It takes the ancient practice of mat based yoga and turns it on its head.

Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Master of Yoga

August 2017 - Current

I first found yoga as a means of reconnecting to myself and the oneness of the Universe. After teaching children in my community and schools in lower income areas of NYC, I decided to return the favor to the children parents and family members as a means to reconnect families in a healthy practice. Since acquiring my certification, I have opened and worked at yoga studios and designed programs to do such around the world. I am honored to have worked with organizations like; Play4Autism and Veteran centers.

Kids Yoga Teacher, Cosmic Kids Yoga

April 2016 - Current

It's a beautiful world and we want to help kids to bring their best to it.
Making yoga adventures, and other mindfulness and relaxation content, to help kids build their mental and physical strength and confidence. We weave in emotional tools and helpful lessons for life. Designing useful resources into class plans, so kids can get the benefits of yoga in their own communities, as well as through our videos, teaching as fun as we can, so kids love joining in.

Founder, Seeking Dakini

2009 - Current

As founder of Seeking Dakini, I choose to live by example of what I teach. Walking the path of a Dakini for over a decade. My presence is Tantric, illuminating, and that of our true nature.