Seeking Dakini Council

Guardians of the path to Divine Potential 

Harness and Maintain a Natural Alternative Lifestyle

We have growing chapters around the world. Current Cities; New York, Cape Coral & Hollywood FL, Los Angelos CA, Dallas TX, North Side IL, Québé Canada.


“We all have that gut instinct so strong it echoed in your heart you had a greater purpose.
I feel you, I see you, I know your there."

- Autumn


Seeking Dakini

Mission Statement

Around the world the call is being heard. A choice to be made, a purpose to fulfill. Our mission at Seeking Dakini is to correct the misdirected image of Witches; Wise Women. Making our differences to better the world through education. We are eclectic Healers, Shaman, Artists, and yes most importantly Wise Women of the Craft.

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Virtually Meeting the World Halfway

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