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A Women Sexuality

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When a woman is disconnected from her sexuality, she rejects herself and her power. Social conditioning has women trapped with shame, guilt, and fear.

However, an empowered women is open and comfortable with her sexuality. Many women struggle to be powerful in life when regarding expressions of their personal truth, authority, and creativity.

Being an active teacher of Tantra I embrace the theory, a woman’s personified power is her Shakti, which translates to life force; which resides in her vagina extending to her womb. Not a women’s brain or intellect, nor her chastity.

Shakti expressions are free, alive, and wild. Sexuality has been constructs of our mind, religion, and society.

Sexually empowered women embrace their sexual energy and won’t let judgments or taboos place upon them restrictions and instead feel safe and free to surrender to their desires. And that fucking scares the shit out of all men.

Today, woman ability to be empowered is violated and used as a patriarchal weapon to oppress.

More, women are waking to the call to come into their true power, that comes when they heal for trauma, explore, and appreciate their sexuality.

I promise, you’ll look younger and radiant, feel less stressed, and even improve your health and brainpower. More importantly you become a sparked of change, apart of the movement in the fight to reclaiming our power and create "Her"story!

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