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Astrology House Chart 2020 Edition

* Updated 2021 version in works, adding related zodiac sign and planets.


House of Self - I Am

Latin - Vita (life)

Creates & Rules: Physical appearance, traits and characteristics, resourcefulness, outlook and impression, ego, beginnings and initiative.


House of Value - I Have

Latin - Lucrum (gain)

Creates & Rules: Material and immaterial things of certain value, money, possessions and acquisitions (purchases), cultivation, substance, self worth.


House of Sharing - I Think

Latin - Fratres (order)

Creates & Rules: Communication, distribution, generosity, Intelligence, development, achievements, siblings, locomotion and transporter, ephemera.


House of Home and Family - I Nurture

Latin - Genitor (parent)

Creates & Rules: Ancestry, heritage, roots, early foundation and environment, mother and caregiver, housing and the household, neighborhood matters, comfort, security, tidiness, pets, animals.


House of Pleasure - I Serve

Latin - Nati (children)

Creates & Rules: Recreational and leisure activities. Things which make for enjoyment and entertainment. Games, gambling, risk, romance and limerence. Children, conception, creative, self expression.


House of Health - I Serve

Latin - Valetuclo (Health)

Creates & Rules: Routine, task and duties. Skills, training acquired, employment, service performed for others, strength, vitality, wellness and healthcare.


House of Balance - I Partner

Latin - Uxor (spouse)

Creates & Rules: Equilibrium, partnerships, marriage, business matters, diplomacy, agreements, contracts, and all things official.


House of Transformation- I Circulate

Latin - Mors (death)

Creates & Rules: Cycles of death and rebirth, sexual relationships and commitments of all kind. Joint funds, finances, other persons resources, karma and debt. Judgement, regeneration, and self transformation.


House of Philosophy - I Explore

Latin - Iter (passage)

Creates & Rules: Travel and foreign affairs. Culture, expansion, law and ethics. Education, learning, knowledge. Philosophical interests, belief systems, experiences through exploration, and things long term.


House of Enterprise - I Achieve

Latin - Regnum (kingdom)

Creates & Rules: Ambitions, motivations, career, society and government. Father and authority, notoriety, and advantage.


House of Blessings - I Aspire

Latin - Benefacta (support)

Creates & Rules: Benefits from effort, friends and acquaintance of likeminded attitudes. Belonging groups, communities and associationS. Volunteering, philanthrop, connectedness, networking, love, wish fulfillment, and wealth.


House of Sacrifice - I Dream

Latin - Carcer (rehabilitation)

Creates & Rules: Privacy, refuge, seclusion and retreating. Clandestinely, secrets, mystery, intuition. Extremities but also addictions. Luck, releasing, relinquishing, healing, and peacefulness. Finality, completion, and conclusion.

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