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Crystals Codes for the Harmonic Conversion new downloads

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Clear Quartz

Energy Code: Clarity, Light, Reflection, Amplification

Attuned Chakra: Crown

Light Code Activation: Aligns all chakras. Aids with informational downloads and kundalini rising. Amplifies the power of your abilities and other crystals energy. Unlocks true purpose.

Tiger Eye

Energy Code: Balance, Confidence, Strength

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Light Code Activation: Stimulate the rise of Kundalini energy. Assist with manifesting ideas into reality, providing courage in times of change.

Apache Tears/Obsidian

Energy Code: Protection, Grounding, Healing

Attuned Chakra: Root

Light Code Activation: Deep soul healing for festering emotions or trauma that have been carried forward into the present. Shield Negative thoughts.


Energy Code: Motivation, Courage, Passion

Attuned Chakra: Sacral

Light Code Activation: Increases personal power and physical energy. Circulating the life force to obtain your most powerful creative instincts.


Energy Code: Clarity, Cleansing, Protection

Attuned Chakra: Crown

Light Code Activation: Purifying energy linked to releasing addictive behavior. Brings a rhythmic divine light to areas touched with darkness. Illuminate inner purpose.

Sunset Sodalite

Energy Code: Intuition, Insight, Dreamwork

Attuned Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Third eye

Light Code Activation: Amplifies the power of intuition. Evoking honesty and the answers you need to hear.


Energy Code: Manifestation, Grounding, Balance

Attuned Chakra: Root, Sacral

Light Code Activation: Aligns our natural poles, dark/light, Masculine/feminine. Drawing into your body energy from the sun that is found deep within the earth. Achieve desired goals. Find your true purpose.

Witch with crystals cover post artwork by: Jacquelin de Leon
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