I am Thankful for

Challenge Journal Prompt: Day 1

I am thankful for me. I am thank for never settling or giving up on who I was meant to be. I am thank for this because I have purpose, I matter, my existence matters. What I do in this lifetime is my carbon footprint.

I finally seen me, the true me. This has changed my life forever and the outlook i have about love.

I felt meaningless, misunderstood, alone, and truth is i never was. I wrote a story about myself, coated it with neglectful experiences and moments of disappointment.

Finding i was afraid to show my true form gave me liberation from that story, relinquishing the power a lifetime ago had over me. I grow to conceal who i truly was because i was constantly being told it would not be welcomed and only met with discontentment and disposal.

How wrong ”they” are!

Helloo World


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