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Lammas; Its a celebration!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

In tradition, Lammas acknowledges the Oak King sacrifice to feed the earth. While, we are grateful, we know it comes at a price. The first of the three harvest festivals, marking the blessing of the first fruits of harvest. The point between midsummer and fall equinox. Sunflowers, oat beer, and celebrations! An excellent holiday to kick start the transformation process everyone on the planet is experiencing.

We're all having a rough time these days. Viewing the world differently, tapping into the collective consciousness and awakening to our abilities. All sounds fun and exciting but it can be overwhelming and confusing. Lammas is a perfect demonstration of the directions to take during and after shadow work in the underworld. Draw on the perception of the Thoth Tarot card: The Devil. At its higher frequency this card represents repaid karma, enjoyment of the physical world, taking chances, and sometimes taking the risk that have the highest cost. Focus on celebrating the present, there will be enough time left to think about the future.

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