Moments of Hesitation

Journal Prompts challenge Day 2:

Creating a routine or a schedule I can stick with is proven difficult.

Lately, before I get out of bed or look at my phone. I spend a few minutes in meditation building my day. First it starts with the stuff that needs to be done and the things I would like to achieve for the day. Once I formed the list in my head I get up. Start my day one task at a time. Does that sounds as boring as it did writing it?!

I want adventure, I crave it! I want spontaneity but how do I achieve this within a routine?

I start yesterday creating as an artist will paint a canvas, Crate Blanche! The day is to be created not listed and programmed! Discipline to achieve my goals should look like actions I take as easy as breathing and movement. I should be my day not the day be wore on me. That’s when the exhaustion and desperation kick in and your actions are frantic with no tactic.

I’m not saying a created a science nor will I quite do it the same way. I’m a work in progress...


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