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Off with the veil...

When the day start with disappointment but it's better then the night of broken sleep

and pillows full tears.

When the afternoon is full of questions, did I do this right? Or you feel lost like all you do

is wrong.

When the night approaches and that know in your throat is making it difficult to speak and

all you can feel is regret and fear.

Then darling this is the time to search for that little voice inside to guide you.

It will remind you of the strength you posses, of the intelligence that has propelled you

to your goals. Of the love that is in you and all around you. To many you are beautiful

and stable. To many you are more than enough and deserve the world. To many you

are forgiving and fair.

The road to healing will not be pretty, simple or quick. There will be nobody to hold your

hand. Allow the voice inside remind you who you are, what your heart needs and what your

soul desires. You are at a crossroads and your future depends on pulling back the veil that

blinded you for so long.


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Virtually Meeting the World Halfway

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