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The Moon’s Zodiac Sign

The Moon is continuously moving through each zodiac sign, from Aries to Pisces, staying approximately 2 and a half days in each. The Moon is influenced by the sign it inhabits, generating energies that causes day to day changes in our lives.

Below is the list of descriptions the moon‘s energies can create, recorded by the influence Zodiac sign.

Aries: Good for igniting inspiration and courage. Life occurs rapidly during this time, moving faster than you may be able to take in. The world tends to be argumentative and assertive. Utilize these energies to create boundaries and finish projects.

Taurus: Endeavors during this time last longest, increasing in value, and become hard to change. The influence of Venus tends to bring out the appreciation for beauty and sensory experience. Utilize these energies to be presence and grateful for all you already have and because so will achieve. Allow yourself to be firm and righteous in your choices during this Moon.

Gemini: During this Moon you are more likely to be influenced by outside sources, people, and places. A time for fun, games, and communication. Utilize this energy to collect or shift vibrations in your favor. Place yourself in areas, situations, and circles you wish to obtain, mirror, or associate with.

Cancer: Stimulates harmonies relationships between people. Demonstrates the emotional side of our empathetic abilities, strengthening our support for growth and nurturing. The world tends to address concerns domestically. Utilize these energies to form meaningful bonds and check in on existing ones.

Leo: Influences under this Moon draws emphasis on self, away from the emotional needs, responsibilities, or connections of others. Utilize this energy for self care, setting your calendar, writing todo lists, to plan your next steps, or simply indulge in activities that put you in the spot light.

Virgo: This a time when accomplishments require details orientation and favor assistance from the higher divine collective. Utilize this energy to focus on health and completing daily routine and schedule, tapping into the guidance of your high up council.

Libra: Influences favor cooperation, compromise, balance, and communication within partnerships. Utilize these energies to strengthen situations where collaboration is expected, balancing your feeling with others needs.

Scorpio: Psychic and sexual energies are increased at this time. Withdrawn behavior tends to occur, ending psychic connections easily. Utilize these energies to dive into the mystery of your inner thoughts, passions, and satisfactions.

Sagittarius: Encouraging confidence, imagination, and adventure this Moon is philosophical and athletic. Favoring expansion and new growth. Utilize these energies for breakthroughs, and motivation. Stepping out of normal routine and exploring new perspectives.

Capricorn: Influences focus on responsibilities, tradition, and obligations. Utilize this energy to develop strong structures within your life and business. Set deadlines and rules during this time.

Aquarius: Filled with rebellious energy, this moon brings in personal freedom and individuality. Utilize this time to break habits and make sudden change in areas you wish to authenticate.

Pisces: Energies influence the focus to dreaming, nostalgia, intuition, and clairvoyance. Utilize this time for spiritual and philanthropic activities.

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