What is a Dakini?

You may ask yourselves, what is a Dakini? And Why in the world would I seek one?

To seek one is to seek enlightenment. For the Dakini is the living female embodiment of enlightened energy.

You should be advised that while Dakinis are often depicted as these beautiful and naked beings, they are not a sexual symbol, but rather natural ones of virtue. There are stages when a Dakini will test a seeking souls’ control over their sexual desires, but the Dakini itself isn’t a being of passion. In Tantric practice a "guide" Dakini will increase the level of erotic pleasure for the participants to unlock their Kundalini Energy by leading them to focus on a non-physical state of spiritual joy and the physical pleasure of desire at the same time. When the Dakini's test has been fulfilled and passed, the practitioner begins the process of transforming from the lower selves “ego self” with their own power that lives within them.

The Dakini is revered in levels and as an angelic being can exist in many stages.

On the secret level, the Dakini is seen as the manifestation of wisdom, accurately comprehending the fundamental phenomena of the mind. As a joke I once said “It is a secret stage because everyone seeks it. My Guide did not see it this way. And replied, “It’s a shame we must keep it a secret because then people would not seek it.” I took it as ‘if we do not lose ourselves how can we be found.’ Going back to the Dakini ability to live in many stages at once for a balance whole. Detachment, suffering, and continuous practice of self-Buddhahood; understanding of self also became wisdom.

On the inner, ritual level, the Dakini is a full enlightened Buddhavista who leads the practitioner to recognize their own Buddhahood with practice. A continuous self-reminder of our true selves. “Being the change, you wish to see in the world” is merely an understatement, for the light you shine will attract the energies that consume you.

On the subtle outer body level, Dakinis are masters of energy. Depicting as the grand test of detachment the Dakini will engage the practitioner to embrace their true desires through Tantric arts. When in the presence of a Dakini it feels like sometime out of Harry Potter. Imagining a magical creature of some sort, perhaps a unicorn hybrid. You cannot deny the affects her vibrational frequencies bestows, even after the Dakini has left you.

On an outer level, the Dakini is a living woman; may be a guru or Shaman you once heard of or a yogi meditating in the park, a powerful teacher of Kundalini or a friend teaching directly through her life examples. Sometimes the Dakini appears as a messenger, a protector, or even as a guide.

Dakinis’ are luminous, subtle, spiritual energies. The gatekeeper and the guardian of the unconditioned state. Allowing one into your life is as if to allow yourself back into your own true form.

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