• Krys


The topic of worthiness has been a big theme collectively. So naturally, the question and understanding of self love is coming up amongst my emotional evoluation.

Considering, these events as cotinued oppurtunities to correct my current course.

I did not completely comprehend that each lesson was the exact gust of wind the sails needed to redirect my path.

I have, as of late been, distracted, procrastinating due to lack motivation, and reliving past experiences.

However, my approach has suddedly silghtly changed. My heart completely open and vulnerable. Unble to deflect nor be harmed by the outcome of the actions, set forth by another or myself.

Is this self love? Is this true understanding? Am I spiritually out growing the shell I have created for myself, and if so, have I finally completed this karmic cycle?

I find myself, calling forth my worthiness in the thought and action I am now taking. Living a life worth the currency of my highest self. The physical being, my creator knows, I am worthy of becoming, obtaining, and creating on my own terms.


- K

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