Single Quartz Ring metal wrapping 


Ring Style: Spirl wrapping 

Adjustable to any finger, one size fits most. 



Clear Quartz

Energy Code: Clarity, Light, Reflection, Amplification

Attuned Chakra: Crown

Light Code Activation: Aligns all chakras. Aids informational downloads and kundalini rising. Amplifies the power of your abilities and other crystal’s energy. Unlocks true purpose.


Blue Amulet

A natural object that can be worn for protection, and is a variety of charm or vessel that can be filled with the wearer intentions. One amulet per purpose. 

Single Clear Quartz Ring

  • Should take off when showering and taking a bath. 

    Clean with a soft micro cloth.

  • If ever your crystal should become loose from the fitting or fall off, send in to be wrapped again. Free of charge just pay the shipping.


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