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The Librarian and CEO of Seeking Dakini

In life there is no left or right, I am presence, not here to disrupt merely enlighten the labyrinth, balancing both the dark and light, for those seeking alignment to their divine expression, our unique and immortal true identity.  

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The Mystic and Product Marketing Director of Seeking Dakini

Connecting realm unknown or spoken with, to align our dreams and messages from our guides. Helping strengthen our ties to the creator and our destined path to walk.



The Empath and Communication Executive Of Seeking Dakini

Bless, I am Gaia. An Empath that is able to sense the energies around me and what people are feeling, giving me the power to provide guidance to those who seek it and those who seek healing. A growing teacher, it is my calling to nurture those on their spiritual journey in discovering who they really are. To help you unlock the hidden gems within you to allow you to become your most authentic self. My life story has given me the experiences to mentor, to open my heart and use my gifts. Elevate your love, elevate your mind and you shall elevate you life. Live in your truth and never be afraid to be you 🌻

Humbly Yours

♡ Goddess Gaia ♡


Star Toi

The Starseed and Product Development Specialists of Seeking Dakini

Bio coming soon..


Rouge Waters

The Shaman and Event Coordinator of Seeking Dakini

Bio coming soon..


Virtually Meeting the World Halfway

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