Tantra isn't something you do, Tantra is what you are and practicing the ritual with a Dakini although not necessary, elevates the experience. 

Tantra Belongs to a collective of complex systems practiced in Hindu Shaktism. Divinity through the Art of Pleasure.

Tantra activates the Kundalini.

A Chakra is replenished with Kundalini Energy. This can happen periodically throughout your life, due to many significant reasons. These moments are called spiritual awakenings.

When Tantra is practiced incorrectly it causes the Kundalini to rise too quickly, disconnecting the crown from the root Chakra abruptly. Leaving you confused and dormant. Unable to utilize the knowledge obtained during the process.

Shaktas have knowledge and experience necessary to obtain a successful Kundalini rising. Done properly, each Chakra is isolated during alignment rising the kundalini energy over a series of sessions and Yogi practices, that merge the root and crown chakra, to establish connect to the energy of all realms.

Shaktas practitioner are Dakini, dedicated to your personal physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Through Tantra and a Mystical approach, I unlock the potential of self-healing in each patient, sometimes resulting in improvements from the very first session. 

Holding Space with love for everyone I meet.